Tree Protection in Cities and Municipalities

Why should trees be protected in cities?

Trees are important for our cities. They improve the climate, clean the air, create a beautiful cityscape, form green zones for relaxing and resting, provide shade and dampen street noise.

With their many benefits, trees are exposed to some negative influences in urban areas. In addition to sealed soils that impair air and water supply, the tree trunk is often injured by collision damage.

Various aspects, such as water supply and sufficient free space for roots, must already be taken into account in the planning phase to ensure reliable protection of the tree.

The tree protection system from HYDROTEC can ensure effective tree protection. We offer cast iron tree grates, steel tree guards and other accessories in various designs.

HYDROTEC is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

Tree grate with tree guard parking area
Tree grate square on school grounds
Tree grate with collision protector
Tree guard in the village
Tree grate square in parking area
Tree grate with lighting in pedestrian area
cast iron tree grate

Cast Iron Tree Grates

Cast iron tree grates consist of four segments, protect the soil around the tree from excessive compaction and relieve the root system. The slots in the tree grate allow precipitation to seep away without any problems and ensure optimum air exchange. In combination with a support frame, the tree grates can withstand a wheel load of 15 kN to 50 kN. The irrigation openings provide easy access. Optionally, the openings can also be equipped with spotlights. The tree grates are powder-coated in RAL 9005 (black) as standard and can be ordered in other colours or without coating (natural).

tree grate for paving

Tree Grates for Paving

The more discreet way to protect the tree is to use tree grates for paving. They provide an even paving surface around the tree. The two-part steel construction can withstand a wheel load of 15 kN to 50 kN and protects the soil around the tree from excessive compaction. There are a maximum of two openings for ventilation and irrigation. On the one hand, precipitation seeps directly around the central, larger opening and the water-permeable joints between the paving stones.

Installation Instructions

How is a tree grate properly installed? What needs to be taken into account if a tree guard is also to be installed? Our installation instructions are there to help you.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information?

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Tree Protection in Cities and Municipalities

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