Surface Box PAVEKAP

made of plastic for water pipes

Standard DIN 4055, 4056, 4057

Rigid surface boxes made of plastic with cast cover are a good alternative in pavement. Surface boxes for water supply are always round (DIN 4057 house connection, DIN 4055 hydrant). Paving is always very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Our paving surface boxes have a square design and a round cover with the respective media designation "W" or "HYDRANT". They can therefore be clearly identified as water surface boxes and distinguished from square gas surface boxes.

Surface Box PAVEKAP

Product benefits

Surface Box PAVEKAP simple paving

Easy paving

Easy paving, without great effort due to square construction.

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Cost and time saving

The easy paving saves time and costs.

Surface Box PAVEKAP rectangular frame

Optimal for an architectural design

The square design creates clear lines in the paving area.

Round surface boxes in the pavement


Conventional approach of round surface boxes in the pavement (example).

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Surface Box PAVEKAP Made of Plastic

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