made of cast iron for heavy traffic roads

Standard DIN 4055, 4056, 4057, 4059, 3581, 3582

For a long time now, rising traffic loads and increasing heavy goods traffic have required the use of height-adjustable and long-distance surface boxes in asphalt roads. The tops are rolled in in a self-levelling manner and thus always sit at road level with mm precision and completely transfer the impact-type traffic loads into the asphalt layer.

Surface box BITUKAP PRO

Product benefits

Surface box BITUKAP PRO with damping insert

Damping L-insert

The L-insert ensures rattle-free operation and low wear values. In addition, freezing of the castings is prevented.

Surface box BITUKAP PRO wide supporting flange

Wide supporting flange for extreme loads

Guarantees optimum load trans-fer. Very advantageous especially in roads with increased traffic volume and extreme loads. Very good asphalt connection due to chambers on the underside of the canopy edge.

Surface box BITUKAP PRO long extension height

Long extension height

By using a shorter lower part with a narrow foot, comparatively less gravel layer has to be broken up in order to replace the surface box in case of renovation. This saves time and money!

Surface box BITUKAP PRO height locking

Height locking - one person installation

The height locking device allows the upper part to be held during the installation phase. This means that only one person is required for installation.

more benefits
Surface box BITUKAP PRO with roll-in frame

Roll-in frame

The surface box is rolled into the bituminous road layer.

Surface box BITUKAP PRO angle of slope

Angle of slope

Installation with angle of slope till 7° / 12,3 %.

Surface box BITUKAP PRO enlarged interior

Enlarged interior

Enlarged interior for hydrant caps but with cover according to DIN 4055/DVGW test criteria. Creates space to work effortlessly on hydrants.

Installation BITUKAP PRO

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Surface Box BITUKAP PRO for Asphalt

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