Manhole Cover TITONpur

with HYDROpur®-insert

Load class D 400
Standard DIN EN 124

Manhole cover TITONpur is made of ductile cast iron and ensure rattle-free operation. Equipped with two spring locking system, a secure position of the cover is ensured even under heavy loads. The manhole cover is available with a choice of a self-leveling or a liftable frame.

Manhole cover TITONpur

Product benefits

Manhole cover TITONpur with HYDROpur insert


Manhole covers have a coated HYDROpur®-insert. This polyurethane coating is connected to the manhole cover by a special process, whereby two components merge to form an innovative product.

Manhole cover TITONpur for rattle-free functioning

Rattle-free operation

The HYDROpur®-insert ensures that forces are optimally damped and that no direct contact can occur between the cast cover and the cast frame.

Manhole cover TITONpur with point locking system

Locking system

The 2 point spring locking ensures that the cover is securely positioned even under heavy loads and also provides protection against theft and vandalism.

Manhole cover TITONpur with low surface pressure

Lower surface pressure

The HYDROpur®-insert reduces the surface pressure by approx. 72 % (comparison with cover insert according to DIN 19584). As a result, the acting forces can be better absorbed.

more benefits
Manhole cover TITONpur with good resistance

Good resistance

The HYDROpur®-insert meets the resistance to the following substances:

- frost and de-icing salt
- chemical substances
- mineral oil

Manhole cover TITONpur criss-cross design

Slip resistance

Criss-Cross Design minimizes traffic roll-over noise and improves anti-slip.
Manhole cover TITONpur with liftable frame

Liftable frame

A choice of a liftable frame with wide support flange and mortar pockets is available.

Manhole cover TITONpur with self-levelling frame

Self-leveling frame

A self-leveling frame is available for selection, which optimally transfers the traffic load into the roadway layers.

Installation TITONpur SN

Manhole Cover TITONpur with Spring Lock

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