Manhole Cover ECON

made of cast iron with spring lock and hinge

Loading class D 400 - F 900
Standard DIN EN 124

Conventional covers according to DIN 19584 are proven and good, but they cannot meet all customer requirements in terms of ergonomics and safety. Therefore, the ECON manhole covers have a hinge, which enables ergonomic handling of the cover. In addition, the spring lock secures the cover in case of heavier traffic loads.

Manhole cover ECON

Product benefits

Manhole cover ECON with hinge


The hinge provides maximum safety during 90° locking against accidental closing of the cover, as well as in the 110° inspection position.

Manhole cover ECON with point locking system

Locking system

The 3 point spring locking ensures that the cover is securely positioned even under heavy loads and also provides protection against theft and vandalism.

Manhole cover ECON with HYDROpren insert


The replaceable HYDROpren L-insert consists of polychloroprene according to DIN 53505. The insert guarantees high abrasion resistance and longevity. L-shape hinders vertical and horizontal contact to iron.

Manhole cover ECON criss-cross design

Slip resistance

Criss-Cross Design minimizes traffic roll-over noise and improves anti-slip.

more benefits
Manhole cover ECON with turnbuckle

Optionally with Turnbuckle

The turnbuckle offers maximum protection against vandalism and unauthorized opening of the cover. Available for the ECON in the clear opening 800 mm.
Manhole cover ECON with gas pressure spring

Optionally with Gas Pressure Spring

The gas pressure spring facilitates the opening of the cover. Available for the ECON in the clear opening 800 mm.

Frame selection

Manhole cover ECON liftable frame

with liftable frame

The smooth outer surface of the ECON H allows the frame to be pulled up without any problems. The wide support flange ensures maximum stability.

Manhole cover ECON self-levelling frame

with self-leveling frame

The ECON SN with self-leveling frame is available for selection, which optimally transfers the traffic load into the roadway layers.

Manhole cover ECON flange frame

with flange frame

The ECON with flange frame, which allows a fixed and flush fitting on the cone.

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