Drainage Channel TOP

made of pressure-resistant concrete

Load class A 15 – C 250
Nominal width (mm) 100 | 150 | 200

The drainage channel is an ideal solution for drainage on pedestrian walkways, driveways and car parking spaces. With gratings made of galvanised steel, cast iron and plastic as well as different designs, the drainage channel offers special design options in the open space area.

Drainage channel TOP

Product benefits

Drainage channel TOP is optimal for paving

Ideal for paving

The straight external surfaces guarantee an easy and smooth installation.

Drainage channel TOP with screwless lockings system

Screwless locking system

Easy opening and closing with the installation bar (accessories).

Drainage channel TOP  with edge protection made of galavanised steel

Edge protection

The hot-dip galvanised steel (60 μm) edge protection provides more stability.

Different gratings for the drainage channel TOP


The gratings are available in different materials (galvanised steel, cast iron, plastic) and designs.

more benefits
Vertical outlet with liquid-tight connection for ground pipes

Vertical outlet

Liquid-tight connection for ground pipes.

Special element of the drainage channel TOP

Special element

The special element permits extension of the channel run with the required branches. It can also be fitted as a corner or T-element.

Installation Instructions

Installation drawings for asphalt and paved surfaces. Principles for laying drainage channels and information on load classes according to EN 1433.

Concrete Drainage Channel TOP

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