Drainage Channel SELFline

made of plastic for easy handling

Load class A 15
Nominal width 100 mm

The drainage channel SELFline according to DIN EN 1433 is made of the plastic material polypropylene. The material is 100% recyclable, UV and corrosion resistant. The great advantage of the drainage channel is the lightweight construction of only 1.5 kg per metre element. In combination with the simple plug-in system and the light construction, installation can be carried out without much effort. The drainage channel can be driven over by cars and is ideal for terraces, driveways and garages.

Drainage channel SELFline

Product benefits

Drainage channel SELFline is passable by car (max. 1.5 tonnes)

Passable by car

The channel complies with DIN EN 1433. Withstands loads of up to 1.5 tonnes (A 15) and is therefore suitable for garages, house and courtyard entrances.

Drainage channel SELFline with locking system

Locking system

Two screw latches per running metre ensure that the covers are held securely in place.

Drain spouts for the drainage channel SELFline

Drain spouts

Three Ø110 mmm drain spouts can be cut open with a cutter and connected to pipes.

Plug-in system for the drainage channel SELFline

Plug-in system

The flexible plug-in system enables quick and easy installation of the channel elements.

more benefits
Individual construction length for drainage channel SELFline

Individual construction length

The construction length of the drainage channel can be shortened individually.

UV resistant

The drainage channel is UV-resistant. Yellowing, fading and stress cracking are prevented with this property.

Drainage channel is corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant

The drainage channel is made of the plastic material polypropylene and is therefore corrosion resistant.

Installation of a Drainage Channel

Drainage Channel SELFline Made of Plastic

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