Drainage Channel for Railway Areas

Why does a railway platform need to be drained?

Passenger safety is the top priority, and so is an accessible and barrier-free platform. The slope is designed so that it falls from the edge of the track to the centre of the platform. This prevents wheelchair users or pushchairs, for example, from rolling towards the tracks. To prevent rainwater from collecting in the centre of the platform, it must be drained away efficiently. If this does not happen, the risk of slipping is increased and dangerous accidents can occur.
Example: 2% slope in the direction of the drainage channel on the platform.
Example: Drainage channel laid at right angles to the roadway at a railway crossing.

Drainage at the railway crossing

Efficient drainage must also be provided at level crossings to prevent aquaplaning and to avoid jeopardising the safety of road users. In addition, too much rainwater can severely affect the ground and therefore also the positional stability of the tracks. For example, a drainage channel is laid parallel to the railway tracks at a certain distance. The slope guides the rainwater into the channel and allows it to drain into a soakaway. As the drainage channel is laid at right angles to the road, it must be specially designed for high-frequency cross-traffic.

Drain the railway subway

Railway subways that are not well drained can become flooding hotspots, especially during heavy rainfall, due to their lower level. To minimise the risk of flooding, there are a number of measures that can be taken both above and below ground. Above ground, it is important to skilfully channel rainwater runoff. For example, the entrances to subways are positioned higher than rainwater runoff from neighbouring streets. Infiltration options are also frequently used to relieve the sewerage system. During heavy rainfall, water can run into the subway even if the above-ground drainage system is well utilised. It therefore makes sense to equip this level with additional drainage techniques, e.g. drainage channels.


Drainage channel fo Railway Areas

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