Drainage Channel MAXI

made of pressure-resistant concrete and with screwless lock

Load class C 250 – F 900
Nominal width (mm) 100 | 150 | 200

The drainage channel MAXI is the allrounder when it comes to concrete drainage channels. It can be used for the drainage with low requirements as well as in heavy duty. The drainage channel is perfectly suitable for industrial areas with heavy duty traffic, airports, truck parking spaces, but also for the drainage of roadways, bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Drainage channel MAXI

Product benefits

Drainage channel MAXI with longitudinal restraints

Longitudinal restraints

With 8 safety points per meter, braking forces are effectively absorbed and discharged.

Drainage channel MAXI with ductile iron edge protection

Edge protection

The 5 mm powerful ductile iron edge protection provides the highest stability in all load classes.

Drainage channel MAXI with screwless locking system

Screwless locking system

The gratings are equipped with a simple locking system, which are locked and unlocked using the installation bar (accessories).

Drainage channel MAXI with liquid-tight connection for ground pipes

Vertical outlet

Liquid-tight connection for ground pipes.

more benefits
MAXI special element as corner or T-element

Special element

The special element permits extension of the channel run with the required branches. It can also be fitted as a corner or T element.

Drainage channel MAXI with load capacity up to class F900

High load capacity

The drainage channel MAXI withstands loads up to class F 900.

Thoughtful Water Management

The North Rhine-Westphalian city of Kamp-Lintfort shows what future-oriented urban and settlement development can look like, taking into account water-sensitive streetscape design with near-surface drainage.

Installation Instructions

Installation drawings for asphalt and paved surfaces. Principles for laying drainage channels and information on load classes according to EN 1433.

Concrete Drainage Channel MAXI

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