Drainage Channel HYDROline

made of cast iron with a height of only 30 mm

Load class A 15 – F 900
Slot width (mm) 14

The flat drainage channel made of cast iron withstands high traffic loads (class F900) and is the ideal solution for car parks or industrial areas. From the advantage of a simple installation all the way to the rugged design, the drainage channel HYDROline combines the system of a drainage as well as a evaporation channel.

Drainage channel HYDROline

Product benefits

Drainage channel HYDROline with 31 mm construction height


The drainage channel has an installation height of only 31 mm and is easy to install without a large foundation.

Drainage channel HYDROline with anchor for concrete

Anchor for concrete

HYDROline features three anchors, and these combined with the grooved underside ensures a very strong connection with the concrete.

Drainage channel HYDROline with concave arrangement

Concave arrangement

The concave arrangement of the slots serves to enhance the transport energy so that the water is well drained even on slight slopes. This in particular prevents flooding.

Installation without concrete casing with the drainage channel HYDROline


The channel does not require a concrete encasement and can be asphalted or paved directly up against. This offers architectural freedom.

more benefits
Vertical outlet of the drainage channel HYDROline

Vertical outlet

Outlet drain element with an easily removable grating and integrated connection for a DN 100 outlet pipe.

Kerb element of the drainage channel HYDROline

Special elements

HYDROline provides special elements with installation aid for special areas, which simplifies the installation.

Installation Instructions

Installation drawings for asphalt and paved surfaces. Principles for laying drainage channels and information on load classes according to EN 1433.

Flat Drainage Channel HYDROline

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