Drainage of the new premises of Holzbau Potts GmbH

The solution for large area drainage

During the realization of the new company premises of the nationwide operating Holzbau Potts Produktions GmbH on a 13 hectare site in the district of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, the concept of near-natural drainage was implemented, in which the HYDROTEC drainage systems HYDROblock® and MAXI were implemented.

Six halls and one office building on 13 hectares

As the space on the three-hectare site in Zwiedorf had long since become insufficient, the management seized the opportunity to expand in Basepohl, not far away. There, they secured a 13-hectare plot on a former barracks site that has since become an industrial area. Together with the engineering firm planen + messen from Altentreptow, a 120 by 30 meter production hall, a 40 by 25 meter cutting hall for nail plate trusses and a large timber storage hall have so far been built on the extensive site. Two existing halls will continue to be used. The new site is expected to be completed in 2026 with a further new hall and an office building, and the old site will be abandoned.

Sustainable drainage solutions

When planning the modern plant site, those responsible had to take into account, among many other aspects, the issue of drainage in particular and decided on a near-natural concept. The focus here is on both safe drainage and the return of the precious water to the natural water cycle. The surface water collected and drained by drainage channels is collected in a large pond on the company premises, from where it can slowly seep into the ground and also provide a habitat for many small animals. When the question arose as to the most suitable drainage channels for the large area, on which many heavy transport vehicles travel every day, the choice fell on the Hydrotec drainage systems HYDROblock® and MAXI. They combine several positive properties for installation in heavily loaded large areas.

Effective drainage on the heavy-duty site

The HYDROblock® and MAXI heavy-duty drainage channel systems, specially developed for these high requirements, were installed for effective drainage of the extensive site where many heavy-duty vehicles travel.

Drainage channels of the HYDROblock® type, here in the DN 200 version with an inlet cross-section of 718 cm²/m, already offer significant advantages during logistics on the construction site and during transport. The channel elements with an overall length of 1,000 mm, a height of 295 mm and a component weight of 66.1 kg can be installed quickly and easily. The installation of this linear drainage system is also advantageous with regard to the monolithic design, which ensures rattle-free operation by dispensing with loose parts.

Robust channel systems for demanding loads

Due to the material EN-GJS -500 (ductile cast iron), the channel system also has significant advantages over other materials in terms of material fatigue, especially in the heavy load range. The monolithic channel bodies are predestined for high loads, even with transverse overtravel. The robust system can be used up to load class F 900 according to DIN EN 1433. Matching inspection elements allow easy maintenance and cleaning.

Another advantage of the elements is their ease of installation. Thanks to the push-fit socket system, the drainage channel can be connected like a pipe by spigot end and socket. This allows full compatibility with standard KG pipes. The integrated NBR socket seal at the channel joint ensures the tightness of the channel system even in case of possible settlements. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the HYDROblock® drainage channel can be paved, concreted or asphalted directly, regardless of the load class.

Drainage channel MAXI for versatile applications

Drainage channels of the MAXI DN 200 / E 600 system were installed along the halls. The channel bodies, made of fiber-reinforced concrete C35/45, can be used for roadways, industrial areas with heavy transport and also airfields and harbors with high wheel loads (250 kN to 900 kN test load according to DIN EN 1433) due to a 5 mm thick edge protection and the robust covers made of ductile cast iron. Eight shear safety points per linear meter are used to absorb and transfer braking forces in the longitudinal direction, for example. Anchoring ribs to prevent "floating" and preforms for vertical drains DN 100/150 complete the advantageous properties of the MAXI drainage system.

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