VALIKOM certification successfully passed

Valikom Certificate for employees

In the past weeks, six of our employees have participated in the nationwide project ValiKom Transfer. Therefore, they were presented with the official VALIKOM certificate by the IHK last Thursday.

The so-called validation procedure is suitable for people who have relevant work experience but cannot prove a corresponding vocational school diploma. In this way, it is possible to record, document, evaluate and certify professionally relevant competences.

All persons aged 25 and over who can provide evidence of sufficient work experience can take part in the procedure. As a rule, this should be at least 1.5 times the standard training period.
After documenting the experience and competences in a CV and a self-assessment of the participants, the skills are checked by the relevant chamber. Subsequently, this is certified by the issuance of the validation certificate, on the full or partial equivalence to the recognized training profession.

We congratulate Alexander Schulz, Bernd Bartkowski, Dieter Schmidt, Kevin Seipold, Ricky Leyman and Thomas Hilke on receiving the certificate!

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