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Exceptional situations require exceptional measures. Who would have thought that the COVID-19 crisis determines our everyday life. Even if the effects are bearable in our industry, different parts of the economy were affected heavily. In times like these in particular, they say: Move on! And that is exactly what we have done. Among other things, we would like to introdruce you to our world innovation in the field of „pur“ technology. We are the first manufacturer wordlwide to implement this technology in a drainage channel system. And this innovation is only one part of the company‘s future strategy - more on the following pages.

Drainage channel with HYDROpur®-insert

Not only rattling manhole covers cause trouble for residents, but also rattling drainage channels. Our successful and tested system for rattle-free manhole covers HYDROpur® is being used in our drainage channel system MAXIpur.

When force is applied, the cast iron grating meets the polyurethane damping insert and no other cast elements. The insert ensures rattle-free function and minimum wear. The insert has more than 93 % lower abrasion value compared to an insert made of polychloroprene!

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New Manhole Cover with HYDROpur®-insert

The system according to DIN EN 124 made of ductile cast iron is a good combination of high traffic safety and rattle-free operation.

Manhole covers have a coated HYDROpur®-insert. This polyurethane coating is connected to the manhole cover by a special process, whereby two components merge to form an innovative product. The effect is enhanced by an additional damping insert in the frame, which has a positive effect on the abrasion and wear values. The 3 point locking system ensures that the cover is securely positioned even under heavy loads and offers protection against theft and vandalism.

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Gully Top for high traffic loads

DUROtop gully tops are made of grey cast iron. Grey cast iron dampens high vibration energies and has good corrosion resistance. The HYDROpren insert ensures high abrasion resistance and durabilitiy. Due to the smooth outer surfaces, the frame can be lifted up easily without any problems, e. g. during renovation work.

The new version of the DUROtop gully tops has a turnbuckle for a stronger hold between the grate and the frame. The hinge also provides a 90° position of the grate for quick and easy maintenance. The gully top is available in the dimensions 500 x 500 mm and in load class D 400.

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New Drainage Channel for Landscaping & Gardening

The system MINI to DIN EN 1433 is a simple modular system for problem-free-self-installation. The channel installes without any addtional support. (Type I) and can be paved directly up against.

The elements can easily be joined together at the font sides by means of a sensible profile. The gratings can easily be locked with a simple click mechanism on the channel body. The drainage channel is available in three gratings in different designs made of galvanised steel or cast iron in load classes A 15 to C 250.

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New Gratings

The drainage channel systems TOP and MAXI offer gratings made of polyamide for the load classes A 15 and B 125

Due to the material of the gratings, the drainage channels are rattle-free in operation. In addition, the gratings ensure good UV resistance and are protected against corrosion. The surface design offers high slip resistance (R11) according to DIN 51130. In combination with the MAXIpur system, the drainage channel can be operated without grounding.


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Alexander Kuster
Technical Product Manager

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